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The Pantheon can change perspective

Living in a city for almost 2 years, there would come a time when you know it too well.  Like a song you have heard too often or a subject matter that has been discussed too much.  Before moving to Rome I was excited about the adventure, I have gotten to see and learn so many wonderful things.  The greatest of all these things is capturing these with my lens.  You can walk a step where there is not something amazing to see or look at.  However, then you are here for a while and begin to get a bit spoiled.  Rather, I was getting spoiled with my surroundings.  There are times when I just crave to shoot something new, different and exciting.  How many times can I eye up St. Peter’s, Piazza del Popolo or the Villa Borghese?  You can only marvel at the Colosseum so many times and at this point, while going to check out Renaissance work in churches, my husband has dubbed me “The Church Lady”.

Yesterday the three of us, my husband, son and I, went on a walk through the Eternal City.  We were approaching things in a different way, trying to do a better job of NOT doing the same things over and over again.  We tried to get lost a bit, take a differing winding street than we had before.

We walked, as son continued on his scooter in front of us.  The sun was setting, slowly and the city was heading into Civil Twilight.  We made a turn and decided to make our way to the Pantheon, as we could not remember the last time we had seen it at night.  I do love this shift in the day,  just when the sun dips below the horizon and your see beautiful colors in the distance.  What you also see is how things change.  When we originally entered the Pantheon area the sun was beginning this phase.  Light began to slowly be turned on at the exterior of buildings, specifically the lights placed on the Pantheon.  I had wondered to myself if people’s behavior changed as well.

I decided to use this as a point of observation, using the light and the Piazza.


There was a musician playing, just to the side of the Pantheon and people seemed to welcome the evening.  All were seeming to accept that daylight was gone and a new phase had begun.


I thought the couple by the fountain looked sweet as they gazed in the water, at the Pantheon and then into one another’s eyes.  It was as if they were the only two people in the world.  I loved how I could use the light reflecting up a bit in the water while everything else seemed much darker.


I walked to the other side of the fountain, and left my reverie, I then saw this Roma Capital Policeman getting harassed.  He  probably wish he was the only person in the world there instead of getting harassed by Romans.  I realized she was complaining about something on the other side of the fountain.  Probably me mysteriously photographing people, that nosy Italian.


Lastly, I saw these two.  Of all the things these two could be looking at, they were looking at a screen.  I could have been in priogione (prison), but as long as the are effectively managing their Fantasy Football Team, who am I to judge?  Then again, I just hope they accept my call from the Roma Capitale Police.  You know that day will come.



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