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The Spring Weather in Italy…

The weather in Italy this Spring has been very unreliable.  Needing a coat in late May and into June is completely odd.  We went from warmer weather, which I began to pack away warm clothes, only to go back to needing them.  Not to mention the rain–and lots of it.  Londoners felt right at home and they were not liking that.  Why?  Because, while crossing the street is an art in Rome and most shops are closed from 1-3pm, but on the positive side you have the warm sun on your face.  But I digress.

While walking through St. Mark’s Square I saw a Rose Salesmen give a little give one from his bunch.  She was so sweet and warm in this unseasonably cool weather.  It made me shake my negative thoughts right away…



Ericha - Aww how cute!! I love that you described crossing the street in Rome an “art form.” So true!

Heather O'Mara - I know, right! Craziness here, just craziness.

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