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They Say The Differences



You often hear the phrase, “What a difference a year makes…”  But what about two?  In fact, looking back on the last 24 months in Italy, it seems like four years.  The images above were taken during our “decision” visit in the Fall before we left to embark on our time in Rome.  Think of them as our “Should be do it moments” as we gazed out at the Vatican.  We weighed out the pros and cons, it was scary.

Now, I think of the people we were, the three of us, as we landed on Italian soil that cold January morning.  We were completely naive as to what experiences lay ahead of us.  While we did not go into the process blind, nor did I have our expectations set very high, in fact these things saved us.  Who am I kidding?  No preparation “saves” you from a cultural change of moving from the US to Italy.  It is something to be experienced, knowing that no culture is perfect and being aware that you always have something wonderful to learn.  I think a key learning is operating with a sense of flexibility and openness.

During these last two years I’ve learned more about the resilience of myself, built an even stronger bond with my husband and have watched my lovely son grow.  I am so proud of the two of them and of us as a family unit.  Here’s to embarking on that third year in Italia!




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