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Twitter: The Savior of the Expat

You mention Twitter to my husband and he turns up his nose.  Honestly, he does not understand it and it does not bother me.  Back in the United States, it aided me in meeting fellow Photographers, getting information on Photographic equipment, announcements and was responsible for landing me a spot in an incredible workshop.  This workshop impacted my shooting style immensely and the investment paid back tenfold.

What else can I thank Twitter for?  Easing my transition to Rome.  Thank you Twitter, thank you.  Via Twitter I was able to obtain information and, wait for it, actually connect with other people.  These people, with whom I connected, actually spoke my mother tongue–English.  I no longer felt alone and like a common “Foreigner”.  I was able to get tips and advice, that I never would have before, since that little bird took flight onto all of my Apple products.  I guess I can also thank Mr. Steve Jobs for his handheld products as well, RIP Mr Jobs.

So, speaking of my Twitter contacts, I was able to meet another Twitter friend the other day, Eleanora.  We actually had a planned lunch with other Twitter friends.  I have mentioned these friends before–Gillian, Rubina and Diana.  As fate would have it, I was blessed with being introduced to a wonderful, no INCREDIBLE pizza place.  Sadly I have to call it a “Pizza Place”.  The term does it no justice for what my mouth experienced.  It made every other thing they call “pizza” here need to change its name and never show it’s face, or sauce and cheese…or…er, well you get it.  Pinsere was just steps away from Eleanora’s office.  Pinsere leaven’s the bread for 2-3 days, is only open Mon-Fri and closes at 4p.  They are that good.  Also, the toppings on these heavenly pies are amazing.  Yes, I am salivating as I write this.  Imagine, not just the freshest tomatoes and cheeses, but having pumpkin cream on one, or the best prosciutto.  Ah, it was

Okay, I have some photos below.  But, our conversation was interesting.  Hearing Eleanora’s stories about her work in the on films made in Italy proved to been great conversation.  Granted it was behind the camera, but she actually got to meet some beautiful people (sigh).  She’s moved on to other creative things, but fun stories nonetheless.

But note to the reader–sadly she did not work on “Roman Holiday”.  Sweet Lord, I don’t think her parents even know one another when Princess Anne and Joe Bradley were tearing up the town on that Vespa.

Till next time…Ciao!

Nancy O Mara - Heather, You were making my mouth water for that Pizza, and it only 7:21am!
There is a new pizza place in Wayne called Jules, that has very thin crust and delicious, different toppings. I enjoyed it very much, Ed did not!!

Tiana Kai - Twitter has been my savior in meeting other expats too. It has been pretty cool. My hubby doesn’t get it either and probably thinks we are all a bit off.

Also, Twitter is how I found your beautiful blog a few minutes ago. No one seems to remember how they first met, but we all remember that it was online.

I just wrote about a great encounter I had in Rome with @lizinrome and made a joke like I feel like we are all online dating other women, when most of us are married! Haha. I can’t get over us women.

I don’t see men doing the same, but then again I haven’t been approached by any probably since I’m married, who knows. One thing’s for sure, it makes our transition here so wonderful!

I love love love your pictures! I bet your clients are missing you in the States.

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