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Umbria: A visit to Spoleto

We have been doing our best to make the most of our time in Rome.  However, we love exploring the rich offerings of the differing Italian regions.  While many people speak of the region of Tuscany, you may have little heard mention of Umbria.  This beautiful area was once home to St. Francis in a town called Assisi.  When you begin driving into the region of Umbria, the land is green and lush with beautiful rolling hills.  While we have previously been to Assisi, we decided to check out Spoleto.  We were very glad that we did.

The town of Spoleto was situated on the Via Flaminia, which was a Roman road at the time of the Empire.  Because of its location, Spoleto has a long history of being a strategic key in many wars over the centuries.  There are a variety of interesting sites to behold, the Rocco Albornoziana fortress (built 1359-1370), a Roman Amphitheater and The Duomo of S. Maria Assunta (built 1175-1227).  In the Duomo there are beautiful frescos and a manuscript of St. Francis.  As you turn the corner you are struck by the beauty of the church and the courtyard where it stands.  As I walked through the church, I looked at the flooring and wondered, “who passed over these floors hundreds of years ago?”.  Lastly. we did take in the Amphitheater left by the Romans.  My 7yo had a great time riding his scooter all through the Ancient Roman structure.  He loved the alleys, which echoed with the noise of his scootering and laughter.  Who knew Romans were such incredible acoustical engineers?  I wonder if things we create today will ever be wondered and admired  hundreds of years from now.





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