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Verona: Romeo, Juliet and a Green Day

The plan to go to Verona was something that fell into our lap.  It was more of a place to stay after the Killers Concert.  Don’t get me wrong, we had wanted to see Verona, as I had heard from Kenny Kim, another photographer, how beautiful it was.  In fact, I was telling him, that Sienna was better.  Granted, they offer two different things, but let’s focus n Verona.

We stayed two evenings and we were thankful for that.  Verona has a long rich history and I loved that it had a Roman Amphitheater used today, an alleged balcony of Juliet Capulet and was layered in Medieval history.  We were able to view the Castlevecchio and even stayed next door at what was claimed to be a portion of it.  Honestly, it seemed haunted, as all get out, so it probably was.  Unfortunately, it did rain for the better portion of our time, but we did not let it spoil it.  We were sure to check out the Roman ruins and the Piazza Erbe with the Whale Bone.  The significance of the Whale bone?  Apparently it was erected there 500 years ago with legend stating that it would fall on a man who has never told a lie.  Looks pretty safe to me.  The Piazza was a great place to enjoy, granted everything is overpriced, but the afternoon there is priceless.

We did enjoy a nice evening of strolling through the Roman Arches and trying a new Veneto meal.  My husband and I always ask what is recommended.  The waiter told us the quail stew or the donkey stew.  So, when in Verona we tried both.  My husband, while he enjoyed it, kept imagining “Donkey” from Shrek saying “Aw, c’mon Shrek, no Shrek, please!”  Honestly, both were good but more “stew with pasta” as opposed to stew in a bowl.  When in the Veneto Region, give it a try.

Lastly, the concert that never was.  We woke up the next day and drove on to Bologna with the intention of seeing our favorite, Green Day.  They had a few opening acts that were good.  However, as the day drew on, and the horrible taste we had for Bologna and fiasco with our hotel, something told me to leave.  Our son was exhausted and fell asleep on our lawn seats.  We had an apartment back in Rome where we just received our goods from the US, meaning the majority of our household goods.  We decided to make the long trip home.  What did I find out the next day that happened to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day?  Poor guy was admitted to a hospital.  A hospital in Italy.  Honestly, I felt terrible for all the people without that nagging gut feeling to leave.  You wonder what happened to Billie Joe.  Then again, he is 40.  Rock on Billie Joe, rock on.


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