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Visiting THE Abbey

It’s one of those places that you see on TV and have a curiousity about.  You wonder about size, history and beauty.  Most facinating to me is it’s age.  I had wondered how Shane would fare there, would he pass out from sheer boredom?  One thing I knew I was excited for what to shoot with all the beautiful detail, the stained glass and things that I would see.

Upon entry a few things happened.  We found out we received a free audio guide and there was a Children’s Trail Booklet to follow for kids.  The trail was to engage children so that had things to look for in each section, they were to complete the booklet to they receive a chocolate coin at the end.  Shane was so excited.  The downside?  No photography, I mean, like, none.  I am pretty good at shooting a few image as I do not use flash because of my lenses and camera bodies, but, most likely, they really needed to protect the Abbey.  In most historic sites, flash photography can compromise the art work or materials, so it is not that unusual.  It amazed me how many “Abbey Police” they had at every turn.  So, out of respect, I did not want to risk it.  Instead, I decided to enjoy it.  But, Shane would not let me do so.  But not for the reasons you would think.

I am lucky to have a curious little boy.  The amount of things that Shane wants to learn is amazing.  But I never expected him to fight over the Audio guide at Westminster Abbey with him.  So we shared.  He, of course, had the first listen at each station.  He listened intently, it was crazy.  He would ask me questions, we would discuss things.  However, I found myself filling out his Children’s Trail Booklet.  I loved that we discussed Queen Elizabeth I, and her sister Queen Mary, why they were buried on the left side, when Mary of Scots had a special area created by King James on the right, much grander than Queen Elizabeth.  Poets Corner was also suprising to me that poets, actors and muscians were buried there.  Granted some were tablets placed in honor to recognize these people, such as Shakespeare and the Bronte sisters.  But Handel and Geoffrey Chaucer were actually buried there.

And just before leaving, I looked down that long, long aisle.  I thought of the Royal Weddings there.  I thought of Kate, now Catherine, the lucky “commoner” that married her Prince.  And that wasn’t even a Disney movie.

So, yes a bit bitter about not being able to take photos.  Here is my little take on it…


Little Man eagerly handling our Audio Guide.  Sweet little guy, growing up so fast.

Or maybe not that fast.

Enjoying his Chocolate Coin, hanging in the Jog stroller (hey, when you walker 4+ miles a day much needed!) and just tking in London.

Nancy O'Mara - Heather, you are helping me to remember my visit to Westminster Abbey in 1988.Amazing that Shane enjoys it as well… his haircut!!

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