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Visting the Civita di Bagnoregio

It is easy to get into a spoiled slump in Rome, there are so many things around us that we begin to take it for granted.  Pathetic, I know.  So with my son misbehaving and losing his ability to go to a birthday party, we cashed in on going on an adult chosen adventure (no guarantee of any child fun).  We got in the car and headed to what could be classified as a modern-day Ghost town.  What has a rough population of 15 people in the winter and 100 in the summer, due to tourists, is Civita di Bagnoregio.  It was founded over 2500 years ago by the Etruscans and was the birthplace St. Bonaventure.  The town still has the look and feel of the Middle Ages, as you can see where support walls were constructed to hold up crumbling structures. The city rises above a large looking mountain and is a carless town.  You can only travel there by foot using a long, long solid bridge.  The view around the city is amazing.  As you see the “city” you can observe the cliffs and can only imagine the dangers of the earthquakes it suffered from, with the last straw being in the 1700s.  It was at this time that the Bishop and government packed up and moved to neighboring Bagnoregio.  When you are in one of the largest squares you can see the papal symbol noting that this was a Papal state at one time.




When we walked the streets our son was tired from the long uphill journey to get to the town.  Those little legs can only climb so much.  However, he met some really nice boys that were eager to play Calcio (soccer) with him in the main square.  While my son understood every Italian word they spoke, he acted oddly timid, which is not at all in line with his personality


 We did walk on for a bit and came across a historic home.  I really wanted to see life in Bagnoregio in the Middle Ages, I am a dork.  Oddly, my son wanted to come with me too.  He was so excited when we were looking around at how they made and stored Olive Oil, where they slept and were they stored wine.  He actually turned to me and said, “Wow mom, that was the best part of the trip!”  Could it be possible that I have a curious history nerd on my hands?  Surely, all that time in London museums were not a dream!



Better yet, I think the little man recommends checking Civita do Bagnoregio out.  I do too!  But wait, wasn’t he supposed to be in trouble and mourning his loss of NOT attending a birthday party?  I think this may have been a parental fail…



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