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We’ve been busy…


Weekly, we try to check out many places as a family.  I get so involved in them, at times, that I may wander around with my camera, leaving them.  But, they’re used to it by now.  

In exchange they can whisk through churches they may have labeled as dull or explore places in theyway they want, not the way a boring mommy wants.  However, it fries my up when I cannot shoot in a church that we have traveled to see.  Such as our trip to St. Maria Maggiore, where a Mass was about to be held.  Grr.  I found my guys outside.  But, wandering works for everyone, as long as we all agree not to buy a thing from the neverending slew of street vendors.

What did my husband find?  He discovered a great Craft Beer place called  Domus Birrae.  I am not sure when I have seen him happier.

Oh, but why have we been so busy?  Not drinking all the beer that my husband bought, but for another reason.  First, I had to prepared for the visitors that we are having and touring Italia with this past week–my parents.  It has been a great time.  We took them to Florence, Venice, Siena and now back to Roma.  We are now back in Roma and showing them around.  I love seeing them marvel at the beauty of these places.

One of the best things?  My husband and I were able to go on a date to see–“Skyfall” in English.  This visit of theirs is worth their weight in gold!


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