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Where the Ocean Kisses Ireland…

We have been in what we have termed “The Exile”.  Much like St. Patrick, we found ourselves on the lovely Emerald Isle.  Why?  Because it is “Non- shengan”.  What is a Shengan country?  A country who signed a European Union Treaty , which you can read about in my last post here.  Regardless there are only 5 that are “non-shengan” — UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus.  Since the latter 3 are not that appealing to us, we have chosen to serve our time in the first two.  Beause of the Apostrophe in my husband’s last name, which I wrote about in my last post, we decided to visit my husband’s family’s homeland.

It was a first for both of us.  Well, Mike had been there once, for 24 hours, for work.  He did not count it, as he flew in, stayed at a gorgeous hotel, and sat in the meeting rooms.  They could have been in Poughkeepsie.  So, there we were, setting down in Dublin town.  We were fortunate that it was only gray that day, that was a day I will mark as “nice weather”.  Granted, it was very cold, I never did get warm the entire time.  We did a Hop on Hop Off Bus tour, and then I noticed a pattern emerging in the description of each site.  As all the landmarks were pointed out, I started to feel heavy in my heart and a bit of depression set in.  It was like touring the Cleveland Brown’s Stadium and hearing all the points at which they repeatedly met defeat, never winning and were always the habitual losers.  Sadly, I have English blood, and felt like I had been a real jerk to my husband’s family.  He told me that was okay and that the fiery Italian in my made up for it.  And yes, had it not been for my mother’s meatballs we never would have gotten married.

When we left Dublin, we did a whirlwind tour of cities.  From Waterford (saw the Saw doctors there in Concert), to Cork (lovely) and to my favorite, Adare.  While we hit many small places in between, Adare was not only postcard perfect.  We stayed in the BEST little Inn ever, The Adare Village Inn!  In was on the main street and the family that owned it had both their cafe and Pub attached.  After we checked in and got settled, we went to the Pub with our son.  We were hoping that we would not get asked to leave by 7p, as is customary in Ireland and the UK (so annoying).  However the Collins were not like that at all.  They had live authentic Irish music playing and the owner, Sean Collins, sat and spoke with us most of the night.  It was unbelievable.  To me, that was Irish hospitality at it’s best.  When we left in the morning he and his wife were so kind and we chatted some more.  Mike and I felt like we were really going to miss them.

We went on to hit more castles, Galway and then back to London town.  Here are some images below.  The title of this post?  From a Saw Doctor’s song, and the line now creates a happy memory of the time in both Adare and the next day we spent at the Cliffs of Moher…

Kathy O'Mara - I am jealous! In spite of my own apostrophe, which has caused me its’ share of trouble, I have never been to Ireland. Looking forward to visiting you in Italy if you ever actually live there:)

ericha - I’m sorry I didn’t see this blog sooner!! They’re gorgeous Heather!! And now I”m super inspired to take some of my own travel photos!! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

Leigh - Love the green grass and blue skies. Pictures look awesome as usual. Keep me posted after you leave London. Love ya!

Heather O'Mara - Kath–looking forward to having you….whenever we can do that.

Ericha–thanks for checking out my blog! Glad you like it.

Leigh–thanks! Can’t wait to have you as a guest in Roma.

Melissa - Wow these images are incredible! I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and now I want to go even more!

bernie senior - Hi Heather, Your mom sent me your blog it is wonderful! Shane is really having an adventure. Thank You for sharing. Bernie Senior

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