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Why Rome? Why Not…

I love the light this time of you, it is so warm and golden.  So of course I was excited when Andrea of Why Rome asked me to take some headshots of her for her business.  Since she specializes to aiding visitors with travel plans, such as tours, lodging, airport transfers, what better place to do this shoot than in front of the Colloseum?  Well, I think some renovations, with the likes of scaffolding, had other plans.  After 2K years they decide to do repairs on the place?  You know the crazy Calabrese in me was shaking my fist.  But I digress, I find joy in challenges…I think.

However, I was able to find bits of the Colloseum to work with me as I managed the light at that time of day.  What’s more is managing my equipment and valuables from getting stolen.  I seriously amaze myself at the way I can scout out thieves these days or perhaps it does not take that much to be smarter than a jet lagged tourist in awe of the work of the Romans.  So take note to be aware, just like you would in any mjor city.  Who am I kidding?  I grew up in Philadelphia and lived in Chicago for a bit, so bring it sticky fingers.

I had a great time with Andrea.  She is from the United States and has lived in Rome for 3 years.  We talked about our adventures here, learning the language and immersing ourselves in the culture.  We both agreed that the fruits and vegetables we get here are like no other, that we need to go off the beaten path for great food and that patience is a necessity.

After the shoot we went for coffee in Monti in a beautiful piazza that I love.  I really enjoyed getting to know Andrea, I think you would too.








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